2015 – Getting The Jazz Flowing

In May 2015 NBA businesses got together to promote the Newport Jazz Festival. Shops all over town “jazzed up” their windows and even offered room to musicians to play to their customers. The local pubs, theatres and restaurants – and even Newport Minster – also welcomed performers from all over the UK for a fantastic weekend of music.



For the summer holidays the NBA decided activities were needed and created a “Newport Treasure Trail” sponsored by local businesses.  The Treasure trail consisted of 22 clues which led you around the town, stopping at sites of historic interest such as Church Litten, St Thomas’ Square, the Quay and Watchbell Lane. We even had help from local family – the Lewis’s – who kindly tested it for us before it was released to the public!


In November, 50 local businesses took part in our new Spot the Song Christmas Competition.  Every retailer was given a card featuring a lyric from a festive song to display in their shop window, shoppers were then given a chance to release their inner Columbo and were tasked with identifying the song from the words.


All participating shops kindly donated gift vouchers, and Cineworld kindly donated cinema tickets too, making a prize board worth over £300 for the winner! What a fantastic prize and a brilliant sense of community from everyone involved!


Below is a picture of The Lewis’ testing the Treasure Trail – thanks again!