2018 – Shaping Newport

2018 was another fantastic year for the Newport Business Association! 

We Joined and became one-third owners of the Shaping Newport, the Isle of Wight Council Regeneration team! This was, and continues to be, a really good move for us an association as it allows our voices to be heard and our ideas to be realised when it comes to our beloved town.


This was also the year that the NBA teamed up with St John’s Church for their annual Angel Festival. The Church had held one for a few years, but this time wanted to engage the talents of art students from the local VIth Form College. Each student was allocated a business in town, and then tasked with creating an angel from any medium/materials they chose. The artwork was then displayed at that business throughout November.

On November 30th the angels were all collected and taken to St John’s to be displayed together at the Church throughout advent.

A particular favourite of ours was the beautiful creation titled “Imagination” and was created by young artist Bella for display at Dragonfly in Upper St James Street – Pictured below.


Our Christmas competition in 2018 was a brand new one called “The Adventures of Alfie”! Alfie is the NBA Elf, and he spent the summer accompanying NBA members on holidays, day-trips and outings.

In November every participating shop was given a different “postcard” of Alfie with a short narrative of his adventures in that place, and every postcard also contained a clue to a conundrum that needed solving. Working out the conundrum meant automatic entry into the prize draw. Participating businesses donated a small cash sum each to create the Grand Prize of £250, and we were also lucky enough to be given a day-trip by IOW Tours, a Caffe Isola coffee hamper and some other prizes too.